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Stay away from auto traffic exchanges they wast your time and you get nowhere. Auto exchanges allow people to not have to click on a button to get to the next page. All you have to do is leave your browser open and it will automatically surf through pages and you don't have to be at the computer more likely nobody is looking at your website. In auto exchanges people just let it auto surf when there away.

There are many traffic exchanges on the internet but be careful which ones you use. Manual traffic exchanges do work depending on ones that you use meaning, If that manual traffic exchange has very high traffic of users like thousands then most likely your going to get leads, signups and more. Like they have high volumes of traffic.

We know because we started from no users at all and started running this traffic exchange in the top exchanges and started gaining 2 to 3 users a day signing up. But it takes a lot of work and time I mean everyday day of clicking to gain the credits unless you buy credits as some people don't have the time to sit down and click on websites all day.

Some people say that traffic exchanges is full of spam but that's not the case. Not all traffic exchanges are filled with spam if that traffic exchange is maintained the right way to have worthless websites and spam sites removed like TrafficAdBar dose and removing redirect URLs that try to remove you from a surf frame. We check for bad URLs every day and your website has to be approved by us.

Traffic exchanges require 100% honesty as well, and that's what people expect. People also expect to get what they were told by signing up, Not something other or less. We have learned that when you signup to a traffic exchange make sure you check that you are getting the credits that you were promised.

The reason being is that we have noticed that some manual traffic exchanges have been telling users that there getting 0.33, 0.5 or 1 credit for surfing each page when it comes to finding out you only are getting 0.14 out of 0.33, 0.2 out of 0.5 credits or 68% of 1 credit. How do we know this? We put it to the test by calculating how much credits we were really getting from other exchanges just to see if they were honest to there users with credits.

Being dishonest with users by cheating them out of credits is what hurt the honest traffic exchanges. However we want to help you to avoid from getting cheated because you are wasting your time trying to make sales, get leads or signups if your not getting the credits from that exchange as they promised you.

Always check to make sure that your getting a 1:1, 0:5 0.33 or whatever surf ratio credit amount they promised you when joining. Always check the credits in your account before surfing so if you got free credits for joining write down how much you got. Make sure you know what surf ratio your getting. Then surf at least 1 page then stop, Then you go back to your account and see how many credits were added to the amount you got for joining or if any you should see that credit amount not less then what you was told you would get.

Below are honest traffic exchanges starting with a few below we will be adding more soon.

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